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To Airbrush or Not to Airbrush, That is the Question!

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If I had a dollar for each person that asked me if I did airbrushing, I would be rich! Too bad I don’t get a dollar or do airbrushing!.

I don’t understand what the hype around airbrush makeup is. I do admit that airbrushing is amazing but that’s in regards to body painting and special effects makeup. When it comes to photos, weddings or any other formal make up application I prefer good old fashioned liquid foundation and powders. It might be a control thing for me or perhaps even the classic “old dog new tricks” philosophy but I don’t think so. I can repeatedly achieve the same results that most people think they want with airbrushing and always do it cheaper due to the lower cost of materials.

Many makeup artists do airbrush for just the foundation in weddings or photos and then do the rest with regular make up so really you are spending a lot of money that perhaps you shouldn’t have to.  Originally airbrush was known for it’s High Definition (HD) quality but now they have non-airbrush HD makeup! I love Makeup Forevers HD foundation which is truly HD quality.  s1096908-main-Lhero

Often I hear people rave about airbrushing because its has the ability to stay on, while this is true there are companies that make products for that too now! Prime, prime, prime! You will be amazed at how much better your make up stays on when you prime prior to your foundation. This is the same whether your prepping a wall with a coat of paint or your skin with makeup. The whole idea is to prevent the skins oil, pores, blemishes, etc from bleeding through to the final look. Then when you are done with everything use a setting spray or setting powder to keep the makeup in place. I did a blog on that before which you can see here.

In closing I want to mention a couple of reasons why I don’t like airbrush.

  1. Hairs show up! If you have a lot of the vellus hairs on your face then the makeup will tend to stay on the hairs and not directly on your skin, this tends to look really funny in person and up close such as in photos.
  2. The equipment is costly. Remember that cost is always passed on to the client! Do a quick Google search as to how much an airbrush kit actually costs.
  3. Waste of the product. Yes initially you use less on the person but overall you waste more putting it in and out of the machine. Then there is cleaning costs, etc.


Now keep on looking beautiful and always do your research! Sometimes the latest technology isn’t always the best fit.


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