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Conquering Brows

If you are not big on Makeup (maybe you are but you don’t know how to wear it or what colors to choose) well at the very least take care of your eyebrows!  Your brows are the frame of your face, simply grooming, filling in or taming makes a huge difference in your look. By doing this little task you can change your entire look for the better. momsbrows2 Brows can often be very overwhelming to people. Things  such as filling them in, what products to use to fill them in, how to groom, what shape works best for you and then taking too much off or not enough……….. There are numerous ways to fill in the brows. Pencils and shadows are the two most popular ways. Grooming can be waxing, tweezing, threading or trimming. Shaping is a little harder to overcome. Some of the things you will want to take into consideration is the eye shape, face shape, personal preference on the thickness of the brow, color of brows and last but not least how much time you want to put into them a week.  If you want thin brows this might call for more maintenance to keep them looking nice and thin, more trips to the salon for waxing or breaking out the tweezers at home at least once a week if not more.  Make sure the shape of your brow is natural and shapes your face nicely. You wouldn’t want to do too much of an arch and have a “surprises” look all the time. On the other hand do you like more of the natural arch or a more angular peek with your arch?  What’s the shape of your eyes, are they close together or far apart? Do your brows connect  Once you can conquer all these questions you can then move on to the actual action of fixing those pesky brows.   Here are some basic guidelines for shaping your brows see Eyebrow Shaping picture:


Eyebrow Shaping

Line 1 shows where the brow should start. From the inside of your eye and the side of your nose makes a line straight up. Having this line to far to either side will make your eyes look too close or too far apart. Line 2 shows where your arch should be. This will be a line right to the outside of your iris. This is the tallest part of the brow, having this anywhere else shortens your eye or makes it too long.                                              Line 3 shows how long the brow should be. The line runs along the nose through the edge of the eye. Most peoples actual brows doesn’t grow this far out for one reason or another. It is important to fill this in and have it end where it should to complete the look.   The first time I did my own eyebrows I felt like a drag queen with way too much brow make up on, it was because it was something I wasn’t used to seeing on myself. Don’t be afraid to play with the look!.  One more little hint when choosing a color for your brows (whether it is a pencil or powder) choose a color 1 shade darker then your natural hair color.

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Going Down Under for the Smooth and Anti-Movember

Ok so I don’t know about anyone else but I hate Movember (not against the movement but against the hairy upper lip!), all these men that think they can grow stashes…..hmmmmm sure it’s for a good cause BUT yuck. I hate hair, I hate hair anywhere. I even hate hate down there……

Yes I am going DOWN UNDER! Where? The underwear, brazilians!

Make Up by CG has always offered brazilian waxing, along with bikini, brows, legs, under arms, lips and chin.  Recently I did more training on waxing and started doing the brazilians with hard wax. What is hard wax? Hard wax is a wax that you apply and pull off without the strips. The hard wax is better for more sensitive areas as it adheres to the hairs only and not the skin. Now don’t get me wrong it still hurts like a buggah, but it hurts a little less LOL.

So you may be wondering what the difference is between a brazilian and a bikini? A bikini wax is usually just removing the hairs that grow outside the lines of the underwear or just on the inside but nothing around the labia or anus. With a brazilian you can say “goodbye” from front to back to the hairs.

Something to keep in mind is there are many different wax style names out there. Often people leave the landing strip (patch of hair in the shape of, well you guessed correct, a runway)which is mostly known as the brazilian but a “Hollywood” would leave you completely hairless. There is also the “French” which is the pubic area and not the anus. Always make sure that you have a consultation before the Esthetican starts, this helps to make sure you are getting what you are desiring when it comes to removing!

images (1)

Make Up by CG also offers men’s waxing in areas such as brows, backs and chests. Men need some manscaping too!

Alright now what do you need to do before you get waxed:

1. Make sure the hair is long enough but not too long. Ideally this is no less then a 1/4 inch and no longer then  3/4 inch. If it is longer it will hurt a lot more and I do not trim for you, either we wax or we don’t wax.

2.  Take some Tylenol or Ibuprofen before.

3. Moisturize, especially in climates like ours where the weather changes a lot. If your skin is flaky or ashy at all the skin is prone to lifting and then the possible infection.

4. As much as you might want to drink beforehand to handle the pain, DON’T DO IT! As you may have heard alcohol can thin your blood and cause extra bleeding.

5. Do not wax right before or during your menstrual cycle. You will be more sensitive at that time and could be more in pain longer or have an increased period of swelling and redness.

6. If you do have lifting of the skin or prolonged redness, have Hydrocortisone cream, aloe and maybe even an ice pack close by. Unfortunately these are only helpful suggestions due to the fact everyone reacts differently to waxing.

7. Stay out of the sun, hot tubs, wearing tight clothing and doing strenuous activities immediately after waxing.

8. To keep from getting ingrown hairs make sure to exfoliate. After waxing you are more likely to get an ingrown due to the fact you are pulling out the hair below the skin layer. To see how they are formed check out this article.


While waxing is an effective way to remove hairs here are some reasons why you should not wax:

  • Moles, ingrown’s, open skin or scabs.
  • If you have sensitive skin, no leg waxing on varicose veins.
  • If you have diabetes.
  • An allergy to any of the ingredients in the wax. I stress again to consult with your Estherican prior to the wax. Also, beware of latex allergies, the Esthetican should always wear gloves and sometimes they are latex gloves.
  • If you are on any of the following medications:
    • antibiotics
    • Accutane
    • Differin
    • Retin A.

Additionally, any medications that list “sun sensitivity” on the list of symptoms will preclude you from being waxed. You should also avoid waxing while using glycolic acid, harsh exfoliants or any facial peels.

Hope this helps, now what are you still doing sitting there, make an appointment to get waxed! For the month of November all waxing is 50% off.

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