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Veterans Day- Thank you

I am not just a makeup artist, wife, or mother of two I am also a proud American.

Thank you to all the Hero’s both active and retired that have laid everything on the line for each and every one of us. As much as parents love their children unconditionally, our service members love their country the same and in recent events this was proven time and time again. Thank you is never is enough,  not just on Veterans day or another declared holiday but ALWAYS! In my opinion this keeps us united and keeps our colors from running.

God Bless America and to each service member I say Happy Veterans Day!!

76866_1631044386268_5361502_n CG

A Tour of the STUDIO

I wanted to show off my studio a little more for those of you who have not had a chance to visit!

It is a small but cozy spot and it can transform to accommodate any service I offer. My two staple pieces of furniture would be my make up chair and massage table, the make up chair is pretty cool since it can fold  up and go with me on location.


The massage bed also folds up to make more room in my studio which is necessary! I don’t take my bed on location (too heavy). The bed I use is for waxing of any type, facials and pedicures.


I also have a cosmetology chair that is awesome for when I do hair for events and photo shoots, it is right next to a dresser that I refinished. It holds all the hair products, towels and sheets.

P1030683 11722_491286657591249_1665627616_n IMG_1825



My nail station is an old sewing machine table. It’s pretty cool because the top flips open and all my products are stored inside but also the client can sit on the other side of me and be comfortable. I really like this because I get to up-cycle!










Of course I have a vanity for ALL the make up. It’s also where I sit when I’m making my videos. P1030685



Over all it’s a pretty cool space that I am proud of and love having clients come to, I try to make them feel comfortable and at home. My decor is a reflection of my personality and filled with colors and things that I love that help to inspire me.

If you haven’t made an appointment and seen it yet, then what are you waiting for? Now is a perfect time with my September service special, pedicure and facial. I am offering the full relaxation experience.

Also don’t forget my next education will be on brows, Thursday September 19th at 6 pm. This class includes waxing and grooming of the eyebrows (included in the class price).

Another incentive will be a referral program, if you refer two friends then you will receive 50% your next appointment. *(50% will be applied only after the two friends have completed their appointments).


As always, I would love to hear feedback and comments. Like Me and  subscribe!



It’s Tea Time


If your a mom, a wife, a working women or just a human (yes men can try this too) then you know what it’s like to be sleepless at some point. Our minds start to “think” and sleep is something of the past.

Here is a little home remedy for those puffy eyes. Tea bags! Make sure they are caffeinated and black or  green tea work best. After boiling the bag for a minute or two place in refrigerator for 15 minutes then place on eyes for 10 minutes. The caffeine and the cold will constrict the blood vessels and drain fluid.


This is a great quick relation splurge you should do every now and then. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water too, hydration is key. I am making a video on concealing dark circles under the eyes so stay tuned.


Sweet dreams, CG

I nailed it!

Here is a fun little fact! It takes 24 hours for your nail polish to fully dry…. crazy right!

images (3)

Perhaps you’ve painted your nails right before bed (you think they are dry) then wake up to sheet marks on your nails, it’s happening because they seemed dry but they really weren’t. Another BIG NO NO is laundry right after you’ve painted your nails, even if you think they are dry! The heat from the laundry will actually soften the paint and make them vulnerable to nicks, smudges or chips.

Here are dome tips to help you with drying your nails. Submerge your nails in ice cold water, Pam cooking spray, or Solar Oil ( or any cuticle oil).

So if you are trying to come up with a reason to call in sick tomorrow morning then paint your nails and then call out, you really shouldn’t do work because they won’t be fully cured (dry) for 24 hours! Enjoy, no one said it was easy being high maintenance.


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Plugging myself in

I find it very hard to tell someone why they should choose me as their Makeup artist.  Talking about myself seems boring and too conceited. I don’t feel that I am not good enough but rather seems awkward to me. Through this journey I have realized how true the saying “you get what you pay for”.  I can now sit back and tell you exactly why you should hire me as your Makeup artist.


First I’ll start by saying that I have an actual certificate. This means I spent the money to attend school and get an education. Specifically in skin care, coloring, ingredients, sanitation, health practices and issues and many practicals under the supervision of a licensed professional.  Furthermore, I continue my education frequently in specific areas such as special FX, airbrushing, trends/techniques and my most recent bridal Makeup. The thing I love about continued education is even if I don’t learn anything new I gain a ton of confidence in knowing that I am doing it the same way as other professionals in New York, Boston, LA, and abroad.

Next, I have actually taken time to start a business. There is a big difference in a hobby and a profession. I am not down playing anyone who does this on the side vs. full time, talent is talent. Some of the hoops that I have had to jump through are with the health department, the zoning department and the insurance department. Some ask why I would bother to go through all this and pay a ton of money. Well simply put, I would rather my clients come to a clean safe place to get their Makeup, nails or waxing done and not just someone’s basement or sisters cousins friend’s house. I understand that’s how people get their start, I did too (thanks to my loyal friends who were my guinea pigs!) but it isn’t the way to run a professional business. This leads me to the meat and potatoes of my post. Many people ask for quotes and are astounded or think I am off my rocker with my prices! So I will attempt to explain why.  I use clean tools for each client and I invest in an astounding amount of cleaning supplies for my pallets, brushes, and creams. I also invest in quality Makeup which as you ladies know isn’t cheap!  I keep up on the education as I mentioned before, keep in mind those aren’t free and I have to travel and keep my pro memberships valid in order to attend.

Everything I just mentioned has a focus on Makeup but please don’t forget about waxing and nails! I don’t double dip in the wax (gross), I clean my hands (or wear gloves) and the client’s skin when waxing for my safety and the clients. Take notice when you’re getting waxed; is the “professional” dipping into the pot with a new stick every time? Too often they aren’t and that’s a nice warm bath for bacteria to grow! Why wouldn’t they, because each stick costs money. Cutting corners to make more profit. For nails, I sanitize my tools between each client. I buy quality buffers and files from OPI that can be sanitized properly. I stay within my guidelines and don’t try to make extra money off people by practicing anything outside of my realm of certification.

You really do get what you pay for. Sometimes quality is better than quantity! I am proud of my work and accomplishments and feel with my professional attitude and knowledge I make a pretty awesome Makeup artist!

Thanks for reading and please feel free to comment. My work is very important to me and the people that keep me in business. Thank you! Like my FB page too please!



“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”
             – Confucius 



Make Up Artist or Tech Guru

When one door closes another one opens and today I closed a door myself. I am very excited about what opportunities this will open for me. I am NOT a technological person at all but thanks to my husband, he has pushed me into learning and designing and stepping outside of my comfort zone. I look forward to making some videos, doing some contests and booking for appointments soon.


Thanks, CG

Christen Wanted A Blog!

Hello everyone!

Christen wanted a blog so as the “developer” I chose to use wordpress due to it being an open source project. Stay tuned for the upcoming changes to the blog layout/coloring! I am fairly new to all this site building (learned all this in 2-3 weeks!) so bear with us!


Lance & Christen