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On the Fourteenth Day of Christmas

On the 14th day of Christmas

My fashion-Santa got a B+ on face moisturizer, BB cream! BB cream is a primer, corrector and moisturizer and stands for beauty balm. I often just use the BB cream alone and do not apply foundation with it on the days that I don’t want to bother wearing a lot of makeup. I love the added benefit of having a moisturizer with a color corrector in it.

BB moisturizer

Photo taken from L’OREAL website

My favorite is the L’OREAL BB cream although it does not have an SPF. I highly recommend getting one with a built-in SPF or at least make sure that you add a foundation or moisturizer with an SPF. If you want to read more of my L’OREAL BB cream review check out this blog post from 2013.



BB and CC cream is like a moisturizer on steroids with all its added benefits

CC moiturizer

Photo taken from Origins website

From the last time I posted about the BB cream I came across Origins CC cream which does have an SPF. I am a huge fan of most Origins products so wasn’t surprised when I feel in love with this item too. The cream smells so good and does all the same things the BB cream does. Most CC creams are just targeted towards correcting the color (hence CC) but Origins is also great for skin hydration on any skin type.




You can find BB or CC cream in any price range as L’OREAL is near the $10 range while Origins is in the $36 range.

L’OREAL Magic BB cream can be purchased at stores like Wal Mart, Target and drug stores. Origins CC cream be found on their website

Ho Ho Ho and don’t forgot your basic beauty A, B, C’s!

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On the Thirteenth Day of Christmas

On the 13th day of Christmas 

My fashion-Santa gave my Big Sexy® Hair

One of the biggest obstacles with my beauty routine is my hair. I am never satisfied with it and change it constantly and this is probably the worst thing you could do to your hair. I change color, I use heat, I pull it up into different style all the time. Well guess what, all those things can cause major split ends and breakage.

Soy renewal oil

Photo from Sexy Hair web site

I recently received a free sample of Sexy Hair’s Soy Renewal oil and WOW. I think I’m in love, or at least for now. I used it before I flat ironed my hair and not only did it assist in sealing in the cuticle when ironing but it looked so shiny and healthy….

I have used other oils in the past like Chi’s Silk Infusion and Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny because at the salon that is what the stylist used and I loved the way I looked when I left but let’s be frank, can anyone ever get their hair to look the same as when we leave the salon after a professional styles it? So in trying this new little magical oil I was thought to myself, “Oh, I kinda look like I just left the salon” AND I had compliments on my hair that day from a couple of people out and about.


You only need a tiny bit of this in your hair and that runs true of any oil/serum you use. I also only applied it to my ends so my roots did not get too shiny and look greasy.


My Hair before the soy oil


After product and heat

Sexy Hair Starts here with a little bit of Oil

Find your Sexy Hair products here, Sexy Hair can also be purchased at any professional salon that is authorized to sell Sexy Hair®


Ho Ho Ho– and Oil Away

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On the Eleventh Day of Christmas

nail oil

On the 11th day of Christmas

My fashion-Santa Nailed it with Nail Oil

This stuff is great, both OPI and Creative Nail make a version of this oil. If you suffer from excessive cuticles, hang nails, dry skin or brittle nails then you need this nail oil. I keep a bottle beside my bed, in my diaper bag and in my travel makeup bag. It just brushes on and soaks in. It’s not too oily and smells amazing.

Nail oil

OPI Avoplex

Nail oil

Taken from CDC web site


Another great use of this oil is when you paint your nails, apply a little bit on the nail after your top coat and if there are any smudges you can just smooth them out and the oil works as a good barrier. Once the polish is dry you can massage the oil into your cuticles and hands. The nail oil will leave a beautiful sheen and you can apply the nail oil numerous times throughout the day. I had neglected to take care of my cuticles and I noticed I had a bunch of hang nails, and they are the really bad ones, like have to put band-aids on bad. So I use the oil, pushed back the cuticles that were neglected and kept applying 3 times a day for 2 days and everything was healed and hydrated.

nail oil

Applying the oil to the cuticles

Nail oil is the perfect size for your stocking

OPI and CND  items can be purchased at many professional salons. OPI brand is also sold at Ulta. If you are local to Make Up by CG, I am also an authorized retailer for both of these brands so I can take orders for pick up!

Ho Ho Ho– Happy Painting

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On the Tenth Day of Christmas


On the 10th day of Christmas

My fashion-Santa said I was riding a thin line, thin black line of eyeliner!


Image from Make Up Forever Website

Make Up Forever, has the BEST liquid eyeliner and I usually hate liquid liner. It’s messy, wet, smudges and runs. But this one is so different. It’s not waterproof but I find if you set it with black shadow it fixes any wobble line mistakes and helps set the liner to stay all day. This is such a perfect black, not light and definitely not glossy looking, just perfection!


You will stay within the lines when you

use this eyeliner


I find the hardest part of liquid liner is just getting the line perfect. The trick I found to this is to start to apply in the middle of the eye working outward. Then go back near the center with a really thin line. By the time you start in the inside of the eye you have the perfect amount of liner left on the wand where it won’t smudge in the corner. Now you can take black shadow and just go back over the line to set it with a small, thin angle brush.





My final look


The final Look






Here is a link to Make Up For Ever (You might want to check out their HD foundations while you are there, another favorite of mine)


Ho Ho Ho, just wing it

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On the Ninth Day of Christmas


On the 9th Day of Christmas

My fashion-Santa brought me shampoo, but this shampoo is for my makeup brushes.

It’s just as important whether you are a professional makeup artist or a makeup lover to wash your brushes. It will make them last longer and also prevent against spreading germs and sickness to yourself. ShampooClean Apothecary has their soap in little plastic canisters that make it so easy to wash your brushes, it’s suds right up, swirl it around then rinse them thoroughly. It’s so easy!  Best part are the scents you can get them in. Right now I am using the lavender scent. This one is really nice to use on my models and clients if they are nervous about their shoot or just day to day stressors. Once I put my brush near their face and they take a whiff of that lavender scent they just relax and calm down. I also love the eucalyptus and spearmint which I find helpful for people with headaches or that are super stressed. And then there is Vanilla, which is like having dessert applied to your face when your brushes are cleaned. Clean makes two different formulas, Olive Oil shampoo and Goats Milk Shampoo. I personally have only tried the Olive Oil but will order the Goats milk next time.

Wash Rinse and Repeat- You know,

your normal Shampoo regiment!

Major differences that I have found with Clean’s shampoos vs other brands are the brushes truly feel clean.  I find all the product is removed and I don’t feel like there is still residue left on the bristles.


Clean Apothecary Web Site, check out their other products, everything from home to kids and essential oils.


Ho Ho Ho,  and happy washing


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On the Eighth Day of Christmas

On the 8th day of Christmas

My fashion Santa told me to brows, from Anastasia Beverly Hills brow products

Dipbrow pomade is the best thing to hit your eyes since sliced bread, ok none of that made sense but I can’t tell you how revolutionary changing this product is for brows. Anastasia makes a whole line of makeup but I have personally only tried their brow pomade with their brow brush  #12. This is a double ended brush with a thin slanted brush on one end and a spoolie on the other end.

My Brows










My brows are probably the vein of my existence, I have a love hate relationship with them. Spending the first part of my life looking like Bert from Sesame Street with a uni-brown to then tweezing WAY too mach but not even having them match, I think I can even comb them over to my hair line at times some can get ridiculously long…. Anyway, now that you have some awesome visual how crazy my brows are I do know how to tame them now with lots of help from this product. I found this about a year ago when I was browzing (no pun intended) makeup in Sephora, thought I would give it a try and OMG I can’t live without it. Even on days when I don’t want to put my face on, I am one of those people who has to at least put my brows on.

This is a video from Anastasia’s YouTube channel showing how to use the products, I love this video as I think it shows the best way to do the brows and how easy it is to use their product and tools. The cream she puts is just a concealer or foundation to highlight and make that arch stand out.


Here is a link right the pomade, but this will bring you to their website too. (11/20/15 web site states, free shipping orders over $25)

Ho Ho Ho

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On the Seventh day of Christmas


On the 7th day of Christmas

My fashion-Santa gave me a Spray Tan from Island Tan 2 Go Mobile Airbrushing.

Don’t be the ghost of Christmas past at the holiday parties this year, make sure when you get dressed, you include a tan!

Karin is a licensed esthetician  and owner of of Island Tan 2 Go Mobile Airbrushing. She started  her business in Hawaii and has been doing airbrushing for over 7 years!

I don’t know about you but around November I am starting to feel blah….  it’s getting colder, my summer glow is just a mere memory and I’m starting to feel a little “thicker” in certain areas from all the pumpkin spice awesomeness. The effect of a little color can really make you feel awesome!

Airbrush tanning is such a safe alternative to a tanning bed and looks much better then a self applied self tanning lotion.  I recently got airbrushed in July just to prevent sun damage and risk of cancer during a family vacation.  I mean really, if you are that concerned with your skin looking good then shouldn’t you be as worried about dark age spots and wrinkles???? 

Spray tan

Before- Photo from Island Tan 2 Go


After- Photo from Island Tan 2 Go










Karin is an expert and  knows how to match your skin so there isn’t the “orange” hues. She is detailed oriented and takes extra steps to prevent patches and trouble areas (like elbows, knees, etc). She is a true professional and knows her stuff.

Tan Parties…What?!?!

If you haven’t noticed by the name of her business, Karin come to you to do all the airbrushing that means in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Not only will she spray individuals but she also does PARTIES!!!! What’s more fun than a girls night with wine, food, chocolate and a FREE tan for the host! The savings for each attendee is crazy! (FYI Parties must have 4-5 people plus the host)


Book your appointment today– Mention this blog and local clients can save $10 on their tan, contact Karin for more details. 


Ho Ho Ho & Glow Glow Glow


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On the Sixth day of Christmas

On the 6th day of Christmas

My fashion-Santa called it a wash, Face wash that is. Origins face products not only work well but they smell so amazing. I’m very picky about the products that I put near my face and the aromatherapy is has, I mean it’s so close to my nose if it don’t smell good I don’t want it near there….. I specifically love the white tea products they have, the ingredients are natural and so good for you.

Face care

Photo from Origins website- A Perfect World


This is probably as crunchy as I get when it comes to being at one with nature, but you can’t beat their skin care line. 

Face Care

Photo From Origins website- Make a Difference Plus




A Perfect World is a facial moisturize containing an SPF and the white tea.








Make A Difference Plus is a treatment lotion that you apply before your moisturizer or in my case, A Perfect World. These are two of my favorite items.






Take care of your face with Origins


Face Care Set

Photo from Origins web site, a Holiday set of A Perfect World



Origins always puts some great gift sets together for the holidays that have amazing savings and no brainer on what you need for a full skin care regiment. I find that most people feel overwhelmed and confused on what to buy and how to use face products but this is seriously like paint by number for your face, tells you the steps to use them and when to use them. Doesn’t get much easier than that.





 Order your products here at the Origins Web site,  or you can also find Origins in some major department stores like Macy’s and Sephora

Ho Ho Ho– and Happy Face Washing

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On the Fifth Day of Christmas


On the 5th day of Christmas


The packaging works as a drying device for the blender!

My fashion-Santa brought to me a Blender…. not the electric blender you are thinking of, this is the beautyblender. 

 You will never apply foundation the same again once you use one of these babies. It feels a like happy cloud on your face and saves on the amount of makeup you will use.  It very important to follow the directions when applying with a blender to get the best application. It’s recommended to apply with a damp sponge, this is so the sponge won’t soak up all the makeup.  The blender is also good for blush, concealer along with highlighting and contouring and works with both creams and powders. The shape of the blender is perfected to fit in all the nooks and crannies of your face giving you perfect results without lines and spots. The beautyblender comes in different sizes and colors for different applications. 

The beauty blender can Give Airbrush Results



Photo from beautyblender web site

The Pink (original) is good for foundations of any type, BB creams, CC creams and blushes.









Photo from beautyblender web site

The White (pure)  is good for silky type applications, serums, primers and eye creams. This one is also good for applying moisturizers to people with sensitive skin.








Photo from beautyblender website

The Black (Pro) is used for applying dark tones such as long wearing cosmetic products, self tanners and bronzes.







Then the Mini or Micro is great to highlight, contour and conceal since this little guy can get in smaller areas and have more of a precise application to one area.


Photo from beautyblender web site

The beautyblender also sells a specific cleanser in both a liquid and solid to clean and keep your blender sanitary. With proper care, your blender will last up to 3 months.


This is a blender you can’t live without!

beautyblender web site has some Holiday specials and Free Shipping on $35 purchase, Click Here to buy!

Can also be purchased at Camera Ready Cosmetics, and they offer Free Shipping with $50 purchase

(both web sites offer theses deals as of 11/18/2015 with no specific end date but this can change at any time)


DO NOT buy an imitation one, they don’t work.

Ho Ho Ho– Blend Away Babe


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On the Fourth Day of Christmas


On the 4th day of Christmas

My fashion-Santa gave up on No Shave November…. Ladies it’s just not cool for us. Venus Oil of Olay razors are awesome, I don’t even use shave cream with these. For those like me that have sensitive skin, these do not tear up my legs or leave me with in-grown hairs. Another perk to the Oil of Olay  razors are they are moisturizing for the cold winters that tend to dry out the skin. I personally either forgot or don’t take the time to apply cream to my legs.


No Shave November is NOT for women

Keep in mind these razors can be expensive but they are worth it. It is recommended that you change out your razor frequently and not to leave them in  the shower. Dry it off and keep it clean so that bacteria will not grow in the blades. This is crucial as you are working with a tool that could nick or cut you and you wouldn’t want any bacteria to get into your cut.


A Magic Razor Wand!


photo from Gillette Venus web site


Photo from Gillette Venus Web Site







These razors can be purchased at most drug or retail stores like Wal-Mart, Target and even on Amazon. The starter kit is around $10 and most refills are under $20. This specific type of Venus is not offered in a one time disposable razor, only the replacement blades. Venus also makes this razor in a fun scent, Sugarberry!  Other perks to this razor would be the 5 blades for ultimate closeness and smoothness. Check out Gillettes web site for other razors and accessories.


Ho Ho Ho, and keep landscaping ladies!

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