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On the Second Day of Christmas

On the 2nd day of Christmas

My fashion-Santa shot me….. and my best side if I must say.

Christin (38)

copyright- Tracy Harvey Photography

Everyone should invest in their own photo shoot at least once in their life. Tracy really makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera and at ease…. even if it you are not Miss. Photogenic.


Tracy Harvey from Tracy Harvey Photography is amazing and shoots Boudoir photography. Not only does Tracy shoot boudoir but she does amazing weddings, baby and family shoots too. She does on locations shoots but also has a studio in Stonington at the Velvet Mill.  She started taking pictures at age 10 with a camera she got out of a cereal box and then learned how to develop and print film in high school in a dark room. Tracy shot her first wedding in 1995.

I have worked with Tracy on numerous occasions doing the hair and makeup for her clients. When you have a team that works well together it really shows in the results of the photos. Some of the other projects we have done were Pin Up’s and Halloween shoots along with capturing my beautiful baby girl!

Miss A Photo Shoot

Copyright Tracy Harvey photography

The best thing is Tracy is waiving

all photo shoot session fees for the rest of the year!

What a perfect gift for yourself or that someone special in your life.


Christen Photo Shoot

copyright- Tracy Harvey Photography

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Contact Tracy and book your own shoot today!

 Ho Ho Ho and be a diva this year~

Christen Photo Shoot

copyright- Tracy Harvey Photography


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How Fun Are Photo Shoots????

Beach Babe

With the recent move of my studio I now have a large enough space that I can work with other professionals such as photographers, hair stylists, designers and models.

Makeup by CG, LLC

Makeup by CG, LLC

Makeup by CG, LLC studio hair station

Makeup by CG, LLC studio hair station











I love doing makeup for photo shoots, maybe it’s because I get to see my work behind the lens too, the transformation of makeup, hair and a fun wardrobe can bring out the beauty in anyone. Maybe you want to feel sexy, scary, glamorous, like a bad girl or even go back in time to a different decade. Whatever your imagination can come up with we can achieve.

Up and coming photo shoots are the Pin Up style, which is very exciting to me as it’s one of my favorites. The look, the props, the hair, the clothing it’s all so much fun!  It’s always a bunch of laughs and a very relaxed atmosphere. As a client you will feel like a model with all the pampering and attention that is on you. Just like a super model with her personal assistants 🙂 With the team of professionals I have, we know how to pose you, relax  you, prep you, and overall make the experience memorable!









It’s not too late to get in on all the fun

there are still a couple openings this Friday, July 11th.

The photographer will be Tracy Harvey-

Hair stylist will be Jacqeline Clark


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Thanks, CG

Beware of “Professional” Photographers and what I (Make up by CG) can do for you?

So lately a lot of professional photographers have contacted me for my rates on makeup/hair for photo shoots. I try to work deals with the photographers BUT can only go so low without loosing money on my end. There are two parts to the work that I do, one my time, two my professional products. Remember, you get what you pay for! Regardless, make sure you do your research, if you are doing a photo shoot with a so called “professional” photographer then make sure that the makeup artist they hired or referred to you does good work. Specifically be on the lookout for which products they use, how much experience they have with lighting, posing, etc.

Red_Riding_Hood (18 of 21)

Its an insult from one professional to another when the photographer charges hundreds of dollars for the photo-shoot AND photos but thinks $50 is too much for hair AND makeup.

Buyer beware! It isn’t necessary to spend top dollar, just make sure that the artist(s) (makeup artist and photographer) have your best interest at the top of their priority list and not just about raking in the $$$$$$.


So this leads me back to the title of my post, what can I do for you?

  • I can guarantee excellent customer service, clean and sanitary products/working environment.
  • My full and undivided attention to you while you are in my chair.
  • The most up to date trends, looks and colors (and if for some reason I don’t know, I will find out for you) and I will not tell you something that you want to hear.
  • Honesty is very important to me and my business. Honesty builds trust and trust builds clients.

I have worked with so many talented and honest photographers, so if you are in need of photos with or without make up and hair I can always make referrals for you too. For most this is an investment and something you don’t do all the time, so it should be a whole experience and you should be the “top model”.


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Keep me in mind the next time you need a makeup artist or photographer, let my expertise help you with both! Big Smiles, CG



October Special

I am doing a whole blog on my October Special (please share with all your friends). I am so excited about this one. I LOVE Halloween and dress up so I have planned a  photo shoot around my passions! You can see some of my trial work I have been doing on myself the past couple of weeks. I also had a chance to try out my skills on a really great friend. The photos are all done by my husband and I.  As we are not photographers it’s a passion that we both enjoy and have been doing lots of training, and practice with. We first got started so that we could capture my work without having to hire a professional to live in my back pocket to capture each make up test, job and education I do.  As we don’t want to step on anyone’s toes as far as the photography goes we make an awesome team together and we are 100% dependable with each other.  As a professional we have the up most respect for anyone who does proper training, procedures and operates within the law  (i.e. licenses, insurance, taxes, etc).  You can see the capability of the photos we are able to capture  in this blog, by all means if you would like to hire your own photographer for this shot at your own expense above my price you are more then welcome to do that. The shoot will still need to be at my studio in Gales Ferry.

So here are the details you all have been waiting for. The whole shoot will last for about 4 hours, you bring your own costume (we will talk about it before the shoot) any props you want ( I have a ton too), and I will do your hair and make up. The whole deal will start at $50*.  That cost will also include one unmarked picture you will receive digitally. We will also have more pictures you can purchase via cd if you would like to purchase more, this allows us to keep the cost low for you.


*$50 covers basic makeup application on the face for the costume look. Lashes can be purchased separately and additional charge if more makeup is needed for body.

Check out the slideshow of the transformation to a zombie, we had so much fun.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.




Here is the finished products. Lots of different looks and I have a ton more spooky settings and props to use. Don’t forget to Pin the ones you like!


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Halloween Pin Up Photo Shoot


Anyone that knows me, knows that I LOVE Halloween or you will figure it out soon after meeting me! We all love to look beautiful and feel our best but what if I told you you have the chance to do it in costume as someone else? Like Frankenstein’s Bride, a Witch or even a Zombie! Now is your chance.



I have a ton of props so lets play dress up, you provide your costume and I provide hair and make up and lets channel your inner monster to the outside.  You can bring friends and adult drinks to this event and I’ll have fun music playing bring out your best! We will be as creative as you would like with this, I always love a challenge.  Package price and dates TBD.




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Much love and Make Up, CG




* The work depicted within this blog are not done by Make Up by CG, they are simply used to give you ideas for costumes.



Making My Mark On The World

Here is a post all about me! These  are a couple different looks that I have been playing with and having a lot of fun while doing it. Enjoy!

This is a Zombie inspired look, I had so much fun making wounds on my face. I mixed red blood and black zombie blood. The trick to making it look wet and real is Vaseline and lots of blending of the colors. I lightened the color on my face and darkened my eyes to give a more “dead” look but you don’t want to go too white as to where you look like a clown.

IMG_1617 IMG_1613

Here is one up close of my forehead.


Another look I did was Steampunk, this is a genre of science fiction that typically features steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology. Especially in a setting inspired by industrialized western civilization during the 19th century. Hence the gears!

IMG_1696 IMG_1683


Ill be doing some more fun looks very soon! Thanks for checking out my work and happy pinning.

<3 CG

IMG_1547 - Copy

Your inner Top Model

Casting call-                                                  Photo-shoot-001

As we are getting ready for the months that consecutively have holidays in them people start to book their photo shoots. Maybe it’s for a head shoot, portfolio, family or personal fun! Here are some tips and tricks that will help you put your best face forward!

First, get a good night sleep, drink plenty of water and don’t overindulge in alcohol the night before, these will all show up in your photos no matter how hard you try to hide them.

-Wear something plain, a black or dark colored V-neck shirt is ideal for head shots, stay away from brights and whites. (Different neck lines can change the way your face looks)

-Wear your hair down and show the length of it

-Don’t overdue the jewelry, small is better. Make sure the focus stays on your face

-Don’t forget your fingernails, make sure they are well groomed and clean

-Make Up should be natural; you want potential employers to see a beautiful blank canvas for them to achieve a look they would want.

-For modeling portfolios it’s good to show many different “looks” so be prepared with a number of different outfits. Versatility is best, you want to show that you can transform into many different looks and fashion trends. Remember solids are best, stay away from prints.

Ideas for character looks- Fashion, Bridal, Prom, City life, Glam, Pin Up, Outdoors….

– last don’t forget to hire me as your Makeup Artist and I will take care of all your MakeUp needs for the shoot!

Have your favorite songs playing and have fun with it, anything to put you in a good state of mind and smile. As always remember you are beautiful just the way you are and don’t be afraid to embrace your true and natural beauty. Smiling automatically makes you glow and warms up your face.


Have fun with your photo shoot and best of luck!