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On the Eleventh Day of Christmas

nail oil

On the 11th day of Christmas

My fashion-Santa Nailed it with Nail Oil

This stuff is great, both OPI and Creative Nail make a version of this oil. If you suffer from excessive cuticles, hang nails, dry skin or brittle nails then you need this nail oil. I keep a bottle beside my bed, in my diaper bag and in my travel makeup bag. It just brushes on and soaks in. It’s not too oily and smells amazing.

Nail oil

OPI Avoplex

Nail oil

Taken from CDC web site


Another great use of this oil is when you paint your nails, apply a little bit on the nail after your top coat and if there are any smudges you can just smooth them out and the oil works as a good barrier. Once the polish is dry you can massage the oil into your cuticles and hands. The nail oil will leave a beautiful sheen and you can apply the nail oil numerous times throughout the day. I had neglected to take care of my cuticles and I noticed I had a bunch of hang nails, and they are the really bad ones, like have to put band-aids on bad. So I use the oil, pushed back the cuticles that were neglected and kept applying 3 times a day for 2 days and everything was healed and hydrated.

nail oil

Applying the oil to the cuticles

Nail oil is the perfect size for your stocking

OPI and CND  items can be purchased at many professional salons. OPI brand is also sold at Ulta. If you are local to Make Up by CG, I am also an authorized retailer for both of these brands so I can take orders for pick up!

Ho Ho Ho– Happy Painting

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A Tour of the STUDIO

I wanted to show off my studio a little more for those of you who have not had a chance to visit!

It is a small but cozy spot and it can transform to accommodate any service I offer. My two staple pieces of furniture would be my make up chair and massage table, the make up chair is pretty cool since it can fold  up and go with me on location.


The massage bed also folds up to make more room in my studio which is necessary! I don’t take my bed on location (too heavy). The bed I use is for waxing of any type, facials and pedicures.


I also have a cosmetology chair that is awesome for when I do hair for events and photo shoots, it is right next to a dresser that I refinished. It holds all the hair products, towels and sheets.

P1030683 11722_491286657591249_1665627616_n IMG_1825



My nail station is an old sewing machine table. It’s pretty cool because the top flips open and all my products are stored inside but also the client can sit on the other side of me and be comfortable. I really like this because I get to up-cycle!










Of course I have a vanity for ALL the make up. It’s also where I sit when I’m making my videos. P1030685



Over all it’s a pretty cool space that I am proud of and love having clients come to, I try to make them feel comfortable and at home. My decor is a reflection of my personality and filled with colors and things that I love that help to inspire me.

If you haven’t made an appointment and seen it yet, then what are you waiting for? Now is a perfect time with my September service special, pedicure and facial. I am offering the full relaxation experience.

Also don’t forget my next education will be on brows, Thursday September 19th at 6 pm. This class includes waxing and grooming of the eyebrows (included in the class price).

Another incentive will be a referral program, if you refer two friends then you will receive 50% your next appointment. *(50% will be applied only after the two friends have completed their appointments).


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Full Pedicure experience????

So picture it, you are laying on a table with hot towels wrapped around your feet and legs.  A facial mask is applied to your face. There is tranquil music playing, low lighting and a few aromatherapy candles lit.  While the mask is setting I work on your toes, exfoliating, cuticles and trimming, then I give you a foot and leg massage followed by painting your toes. While the paint is drying on your toes, I remove the facial mask and follow it up with a face massage and good moisturizer! You are totally relaxed and ready to take on the world again.

I have been trying to think outside the box in regards to facials and pedicures. I do not have a soaking tub for a traditional pedicure so I brainstormed for a while and came up with the experience I explained above.

I would love feedback on if you think this would be a good experience and also if there is anything else I should do shouldn’t do. I would love to be able to offer these for September and offer pumpkin masks and pedicures. You could say I am in beta testing now!


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It’s FALL in love with you time again, CG


I nailed it!

Here is a fun little fact! It takes 24 hours for your nail polish to fully dry…. crazy right!

images (3)

Perhaps you’ve painted your nails right before bed (you think they are dry) then wake up to sheet marks on your nails, it’s happening because they seemed dry but they really weren’t. Another BIG NO NO is laundry right after you’ve painted your nails, even if you think they are dry! The heat from the laundry will actually soften the paint and make them vulnerable to nicks, smudges or chips.

Here are dome tips to help you with drying your nails. Submerge your nails in ice cold water, Pam cooking spray, or Solar Oil ( or any cuticle oil).

So if you are trying to come up with a reason to call in sick tomorrow morning then paint your nails and then call out, you really shouldn’t do work because they won’t be fully cured (dry) for 24 hours! Enjoy, no one said it was easy being high maintenance.


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Streak no more

Light or white  polish colors are great for summer complimenting a nice sun kissed tan, BUT does  your polish look streaky and you feel like you have to put a ton of layers on before it will even show up or looks nice?


Both nails have 2 coats of color, the nail on the left does not have the Matte coat applied, the nail on the right has Matte coat applied after each regular coat. Notice the left nail has streaking.

Well here is an awesome tip for those light colors and white nail polish.  The Secret….Essie Matte about you top coat.


If you add a coat of Essie’s Matte about you top coat between each coat of color, it not only make the color look more vibrant but it stops the streaky look. You really only need two coats of color with the top coat applied in between, then add your regular top coat for a nice shiny finish.


Polish color- China Glaze ,Moonlight & Essie, matte about you

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