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On the Fifteenth Day of Christmas

On the 15th day of Christmas

My fashion Santa drove me nuts, Coco-Nuts

coconut oil

Coconut Oil has so many benefits both inside and outside of the body


I have to say that an all around magic oil would be coconut oil. It has so many benefits. It’s not just for cooking or eating you can use it in your day-to-day beauty routines too.

Here is a list of things you can try for yourself and see if you like it too. (I’m sure there are many more uses but these are what I have personally tried.)

  1. Hair Mask- put some in your hands to melt and then apply to dry hair and let penetrate for at least 15 min (the longer you can leave on the better), then wash as usual. Your hair will feel so soft.
  2.  Eye makeup remover
  3. Moisturizer, yes just apply this as you would your regular lotion or cream, smells amazing and moisturizes perfectly.
  4. Mix with sugar or salt and make an exfoliator, you can even add some essential oils for an aromatherapy treatment.
  5. Chap-stick for dry lips
  6. Pulling for teeth whiting, take about a tablespoon and use like a mouthwash moving it between all your teeth and around your mouth for 15-20 min. DO NOT swallow, I don’t spit in my sink or drain as the coconut oil will go back to a solid state and could clog drains.
  7. Cook with it, coconut oil has a high smoke point.  I have also made homemade granola bars that my children LOVE.
  8. Give to the dog/cat for winter dryness. It makes their coats look so soft and silky and no more scratching.

Coconut Oil is not just good for cooking but also for your everyday beauty routine

coconut oil

This is what I use from Trader Joe’s, Organic Coconut oil


I always use an organic coconut oil and you can find them in almost all grocery stores as well as retail locations like WalMart, Target, Christmas Tree shops and if you are lucky enough to be around a store like Ocean State or Job Lots they usually have it too.






Ho Ho Ho and Happy Healthy Christmas to All!

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On the Tenth Day of Christmas


On the 10th day of Christmas

My fashion-Santa said I was riding a thin line, thin black line of eyeliner!


Image from Make Up Forever Website

Make Up Forever, has the BEST liquid eyeliner and I usually hate liquid liner. It’s messy, wet, smudges and runs. But this one is so different. It’s not waterproof but I find if you set it with black shadow it fixes any wobble line mistakes and helps set the liner to stay all day. This is such a perfect black, not light and definitely not glossy looking, just perfection!


You will stay within the lines when you

use this eyeliner


I find the hardest part of liquid liner is just getting the line perfect. The trick I found to this is to start to apply in the middle of the eye working outward. Then go back near the center with a really thin line. By the time you start in the inside of the eye you have the perfect amount of liner left on the wand where it won’t smudge in the corner. Now you can take black shadow and just go back over the line to set it with a small, thin angle brush.





My final look


The final Look






Here is a link to Make Up For Ever (You might want to check out their HD foundations while you are there, another favorite of mine)


Ho Ho Ho, just wing it

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On the Ninth Day of Christmas


On the 9th Day of Christmas

My fashion-Santa brought me shampoo, but this shampoo is for my makeup brushes.

It’s just as important whether you are a professional makeup artist or a makeup lover to wash your brushes. It will make them last longer and also prevent against spreading germs and sickness to yourself. ShampooClean Apothecary has their soap in little plastic canisters that make it so easy to wash your brushes, it’s suds right up, swirl it around then rinse them thoroughly. It’s so easy!  Best part are the scents you can get them in. Right now I am using the lavender scent. This one is really nice to use on my models and clients if they are nervous about their shoot or just day to day stressors. Once I put my brush near their face and they take a whiff of that lavender scent they just relax and calm down. I also love the eucalyptus and spearmint which I find helpful for people with headaches or that are super stressed. And then there is Vanilla, which is like having dessert applied to your face when your brushes are cleaned. Clean makes two different formulas, Olive Oil shampoo and Goats Milk Shampoo. I personally have only tried the Olive Oil but will order the Goats milk next time.

Wash Rinse and Repeat- You know,

your normal Shampoo regiment!

Major differences that I have found with Clean’s shampoos vs other brands are the brushes truly feel clean.  I find all the product is removed and I don’t feel like there is still residue left on the bristles.


Clean Apothecary Web Site, check out their other products, everything from home to kids and essential oils.


Ho Ho Ho,  and happy washing


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On the Eighth Day of Christmas

On the 8th day of Christmas

My fashion Santa told me to brows, from Anastasia Beverly Hills brow products

Dipbrow pomade is the best thing to hit your eyes since sliced bread, ok none of that made sense but I can’t tell you how revolutionary changing this product is for brows. Anastasia makes a whole line of makeup but I have personally only tried their brow pomade with their brow brush  #12. This is a double ended brush with a thin slanted brush on one end and a spoolie on the other end.

My Brows










My brows are probably the vein of my existence, I have a love hate relationship with them. Spending the first part of my life looking like Bert from Sesame Street with a uni-brown to then tweezing WAY too mach but not even having them match, I think I can even comb them over to my hair line at times some can get ridiculously long…. Anyway, now that you have some awesome visual how crazy my brows are I do know how to tame them now with lots of help from this product. I found this about a year ago when I was browzing (no pun intended) makeup in Sephora, thought I would give it a try and OMG I can’t live without it. Even on days when I don’t want to put my face on, I am one of those people who has to at least put my brows on.

This is a video from Anastasia’s YouTube channel showing how to use the products, I love this video as I think it shows the best way to do the brows and how easy it is to use their product and tools. The cream she puts is just a concealer or foundation to highlight and make that arch stand out.


Here is a link right the pomade, but this will bring you to their website too. (11/20/15 web site states, free shipping orders over $25)

Ho Ho Ho

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On the Fifth Day of Christmas


On the 5th day of Christmas


The packaging works as a drying device for the blender!

My fashion-Santa brought to me a Blender…. not the electric blender you are thinking of, this is the beautyblender. 

 You will never apply foundation the same again once you use one of these babies. It feels a like happy cloud on your face and saves on the amount of makeup you will use.  It very important to follow the directions when applying with a blender to get the best application. It’s recommended to apply with a damp sponge, this is so the sponge won’t soak up all the makeup.  The blender is also good for blush, concealer along with highlighting and contouring and works with both creams and powders. The shape of the blender is perfected to fit in all the nooks and crannies of your face giving you perfect results without lines and spots. The beautyblender comes in different sizes and colors for different applications. 

The beauty blender can Give Airbrush Results



Photo from beautyblender web site

The Pink (original) is good for foundations of any type, BB creams, CC creams and blushes.









Photo from beautyblender web site

The White (pure)  is good for silky type applications, serums, primers and eye creams. This one is also good for applying moisturizers to people with sensitive skin.








Photo from beautyblender website

The Black (Pro) is used for applying dark tones such as long wearing cosmetic products, self tanners and bronzes.







Then the Mini or Micro is great to highlight, contour and conceal since this little guy can get in smaller areas and have more of a precise application to one area.


Photo from beautyblender web site

The beautyblender also sells a specific cleanser in both a liquid and solid to clean and keep your blender sanitary. With proper care, your blender will last up to 3 months.


This is a blender you can’t live without!

beautyblender web site has some Holiday specials and Free Shipping on $35 purchase, Click Here to buy!

Can also be purchased at Camera Ready Cosmetics, and they offer Free Shipping with $50 purchase

(both web sites offer theses deals as of 11/18/2015 with no specific end date but this can change at any time)


DO NOT buy an imitation one, they don’t work.

Ho Ho Ho– Blend Away Babe


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On the Third Day of Christmas


On the 3rd Day of Christmas


My fashion-Santa lashed out at me.  “What’s Better than Sex?” No really, that’s the name of it, Better than Sex mascara by Too Faced Cosmetics. This mascara is amazing! It makes your lashes look like you’re wearing fake ones or have extensions but the fibers are not cakey or heavy.  This is a build-able mascara, that means you would want to applying 3 coats to get the best results. The hour glass figure on this specific wand along with the formula of the mascara will achieve curl,  length and also help to thicken them. It’s the perfect size for your stocking too. 

Must Have Mascara


Too Faced, Better Than Sex- Photo from Too Faced web site

A good application of mascara is not only in the formula of the mascara but within the shape of the brush/wand.  Check out the wand that comes with Better than Sex, no wonder your lashes look amazing. 


Too Faced- Better Than Sex- Photo from Too Faced web site





                                 Buy it! 

Free shipping on $50        purchase too (as of 11/18/15)







Ho Ho Ho, and make those lashes irresistible

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On the Second Day of Christmas

On the 2nd day of Christmas

My fashion-Santa shot me….. and my best side if I must say.

Christin (38)

copyright- Tracy Harvey Photography

Everyone should invest in their own photo shoot at least once in their life. Tracy really makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera and at ease…. even if it you are not Miss. Photogenic.


Tracy Harvey from Tracy Harvey Photography is amazing and shoots Boudoir photography. Not only does Tracy shoot boudoir but she does amazing weddings, baby and family shoots too. She does on locations shoots but also has a studio in Stonington at the Velvet Mill.  She started taking pictures at age 10 with a camera she got out of a cereal box and then learned how to develop and print film in high school in a dark room. Tracy shot her first wedding in 1995.

I have worked with Tracy on numerous occasions doing the hair and makeup for her clients. When you have a team that works well together it really shows in the results of the photos. Some of the other projects we have done were Pin Up’s and Halloween shoots along with capturing my beautiful baby girl!

Miss A Photo Shoot

Copyright Tracy Harvey photography

The best thing is Tracy is waiving

all photo shoot session fees for the rest of the year!

What a perfect gift for yourself or that someone special in your life.


Christen Photo Shoot

copyright- Tracy Harvey Photography

If you subscribe to my blog and mention this post you can get 25% off the hair and makeup package by Makeup by CG for the months of November and December too.





Contact Tracy and book your own shoot today!

 Ho Ho Ho and be a diva this year~

Christen Photo Shoot

copyright- Tracy Harvey Photography


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On the First Day of Christmas

On the 1st day of Christmas

My fashion-Santa gave me the most kissable lips that could be…. Treat lip Balm is the bomb! Not only is it organic but it’s the biggest lip balm you will own and smells and tastes AMAZING. My personal favorite is the Marshmallow but Treat makes many flavors to choice from and it’s only $9.99. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Treat Marshmallow Lib Balm
Treat Marshmallow lip balm- Photo from product web site



Buy It here     Treat Lipstick on Lips

Ho Ho Ho and keep those lips kissable through the winter


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15 days of Fashion for your Christmas List

Are you in the holiday spirit yet?

Have you been good this year?

Have you made your list?

“A Few of My Favorite Things” will be 15 days of awesome products, services and tools I will be reviewing and blogging about. I use these in both my personal life and in my professional work. Check them out, comment about them and give a like if you see one you use. If you see one you haven’t used then perhaps you should add it to your wish list this year!

Christmas Gift Bags


Ho Ho Ho and don’t forget to subscribe.


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Conquering Brows

If you are not big on Makeup (maybe you are but you don’t know how to wear it or what colors to choose) well at the very least take care of your eyebrows!  Your brows are the frame of your face, simply grooming, filling in or taming makes a huge difference in your look. By doing this little task you can change your entire look for the better. momsbrows2 Brows can often be very overwhelming to people. Things  such as filling them in, what products to use to fill them in, how to groom, what shape works best for you and then taking too much off or not enough……….. There are numerous ways to fill in the brows. Pencils and shadows are the two most popular ways. Grooming can be waxing, tweezing, threading or trimming. Shaping is a little harder to overcome. Some of the things you will want to take into consideration is the eye shape, face shape, personal preference on the thickness of the brow, color of brows and last but not least how much time you want to put into them a week.  If you want thin brows this might call for more maintenance to keep them looking nice and thin, more trips to the salon for waxing or breaking out the tweezers at home at least once a week if not more.  Make sure the shape of your brow is natural and shapes your face nicely. You wouldn’t want to do too much of an arch and have a “surprises” look all the time. On the other hand do you like more of the natural arch or a more angular peek with your arch?  What’s the shape of your eyes, are they close together or far apart? Do your brows connect  Once you can conquer all these questions you can then move on to the actual action of fixing those pesky brows.   Here are some basic guidelines for shaping your brows see Eyebrow Shaping picture:


Eyebrow Shaping

Line 1 shows where the brow should start. From the inside of your eye and the side of your nose makes a line straight up. Having this line to far to either side will make your eyes look too close or too far apart. Line 2 shows where your arch should be. This will be a line right to the outside of your iris. This is the tallest part of the brow, having this anywhere else shortens your eye or makes it too long.                                              Line 3 shows how long the brow should be. The line runs along the nose through the edge of the eye. Most peoples actual brows doesn’t grow this far out for one reason or another. It is important to fill this in and have it end where it should to complete the look.   The first time I did my own eyebrows I felt like a drag queen with way too much brow make up on, it was because it was something I wasn’t used to seeing on myself. Don’t be afraid to play with the look!.  One more little hint when choosing a color for your brows (whether it is a pencil or powder) choose a color 1 shade darker then your natural hair color.

Don’t forget I also offer lessons and education parties.  If you haven’t heard about them yet check it out here. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, Facebook and subscribe to my blog (in the upper right hand corner)!

Thanks, CG