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Perfection Correction- BB CREAM

BB cream is AWESOME. It took me forever to actually try any of the BB creams that are out there but I can honestly say I love the L’OREAL Magic Skin Beautifier BB cream. I haven’t tried any of the big names like the Naked by Urban Decay or Too Faced yet.


BB stands for Beauty Balm or Beauty Beads and these claim to have four beautifying actions in them. It’s a primer, corrector (like concealer),  it Hydrates, and Perfects, not to mention most have an SPF in them (not the one I tried) so it really is an all in one cream. I wear A LOT of make up everyday as I am addicted to it. I would feel completely comfortable putting this on with no other make up like foundations, primers, concealers or powders. When I applied it, I was amazed at how soft and hydrated my skin felt and it looked amazing. It actually works to even your tone and give it a healthy glow.

In my opinion this product would be great for everyone to use. You could wear it alone for those of you who don’t like to wear make up, or if your someone who wears a tinted moisturizer. It is also great for teens, that fresh skin with the occasional outbreak has to be concealed! For those that wear make up everyday and like more of the full coverage, apply it before your regular foundation just as you would have applied your moisturizer or primer before the foundation.

I also found that L’OREAL has BB Cream for mature skin called Age Perfect BB Cream. This cream does contain the sunscreen that I mentioned above. It also claims to boost radiance, hydrate, firm, and help to even skin tones.

The BB creams come in different tones to match your skin type so it’s very easy to choose what will be the best for your skin type/tone.

I would love to hear from anyone that has tried this BB cream or other creams and has some feedback to share. Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to subscribe.



On the Fourteenth Day of Christmas

On the 14th day of Christmas

My fashion-Santa got a B+ on face moisturizer, BB cream! BB cream is a primer, corrector and moisturizer and stands for beauty balm. I often just use the BB cream alone and do not apply foundation with it on the days that I don’t want to bother wearing a lot of makeup. I love the added benefit of having a moisturizer with a color corrector in it.

BB moisturizer

Photo taken from L’OREAL website

My favorite is the L’OREAL BB cream although it does not have an SPF. I highly recommend getting one with a built-in SPF or at least make sure that you add a foundation or moisturizer with an SPF. If you want to read more of my L’OREAL BB cream review check out this blog post from 2013.



BB and CC cream is like a moisturizer on steroids with all its added benefits

CC moiturizer

Photo taken from Origins website

From the last time I posted about the BB cream I came across Origins CC cream which does have an SPF. I am a huge fan of most Origins products so wasn’t surprised when I feel in love with this item too. The cream smells so good and does all the same things the BB cream does. Most CC creams are just targeted towards correcting the color (hence CC) but Origins is also great for skin hydration on any skin type.




You can find BB or CC cream in any price range as L’OREAL is near the $10 range while Origins is in the $36 range.

L’OREAL Magic BB cream can be purchased at stores like Wal Mart, Target and drug stores. Origins CC cream be found on their website

Ho Ho Ho and don’t forgot your basic beauty A, B, C’s!

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On the Fifth Day of Christmas


On the 5th day of Christmas


The packaging works as a drying device for the blender!

My fashion-Santa brought to me a Blender…. not the electric blender you are thinking of, this is the beautyblender. 

 You will never apply foundation the same again once you use one of these babies. It feels a like happy cloud on your face and saves on the amount of makeup you will use.  It very important to follow the directions when applying with a blender to get the best application. It’s recommended to apply with a damp sponge, this is so the sponge won’t soak up all the makeup.  The blender is also good for blush, concealer along with highlighting and contouring and works with both creams and powders. The shape of the blender is perfected to fit in all the nooks and crannies of your face giving you perfect results without lines and spots. The beautyblender comes in different sizes and colors for different applications. 

The beauty blender can Give Airbrush Results



Photo from beautyblender web site

The Pink (original) is good for foundations of any type, BB creams, CC creams and blushes.









Photo from beautyblender web site

The White (pure)  is good for silky type applications, serums, primers and eye creams. This one is also good for applying moisturizers to people with sensitive skin.








Photo from beautyblender website

The Black (Pro) is used for applying dark tones such as long wearing cosmetic products, self tanners and bronzes.







Then the Mini or Micro is great to highlight, contour and conceal since this little guy can get in smaller areas and have more of a precise application to one area.


Photo from beautyblender web site

The beautyblender also sells a specific cleanser in both a liquid and solid to clean and keep your blender sanitary. With proper care, your blender will last up to 3 months.


This is a blender you can’t live without!

beautyblender web site has some Holiday specials and Free Shipping on $35 purchase, Click Here to buy!

Can also be purchased at Camera Ready Cosmetics, and they offer Free Shipping with $50 purchase

(both web sites offer theses deals as of 11/18/2015 with no specific end date but this can change at any time)


DO NOT buy an imitation one, they don’t work.

Ho Ho Ho– Blend Away Babe


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Where do you put your face on?

I love to hear about where and how long it takes people to put their make up on.  If you are anything like me then you have a dresser top, counter top, bin or vanity that is covered in products you play with every morning. I am lucky enough to have my Make Up studio in my home so I take full advantage of the lighting and mirrors in there. I tend to keep my personal makeup in a makeup bag and pull it out every morning. I have bins and bins of back up but my favorites stay with me all the time.

Not sure if it’s me getting old, but I have to be right up next to the mirror now to see the details of my make up, ugggg. This being said the bathroom counter can sometimes prevent me from getting close enough lol . I have to say that there are mornings that I will take my Make Up bag out to the car with me and do it out there. The natural lighting is amazing and something about the angle of the visor mirror really makes me look good. Tweezing is also amazing in the car, you can see every hair! (Public service announcement, DO NOT do makeup or tweeze while driving or at a stop light, only while the car is off, thank you.)

Now the actual act of putting on Make Up can differ for me. Some days I like to go full  on professional and do my layers, smokey eye, lashes and the whole bit. Then others I only want BB cream, lip gloss and mascara. On average I would say I spend no more then a half hour but can be up to an hour if I go all out.

Here are some pictures of my studio and of me doing my Make Up! Comment where your favorite place to get Made Up is and how long it takes you!











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Pinning the facts on shaving with Baby Oil

So I have to admit that I am addicted to everything about Pinterest. I have so many different”boards” from each category. Pinterest is for sure my way to unwind and de-stress during the day. I have a friend who just posted something hilarious the other day about Pinterest and how these people tried to  re-create some pins and well, lets  just lets say they didn’t come out as well as hoped for.  (I will attach the link at the bottom). This made me think about how many of us try something on Pinterest and fail or maybe haven’t tried it but thought about it. Well this morning I tried something off my “health and beauty” board. And I want to share with you my results, Shaving with baby oil (gel).  To my surprise I loved it! johnsons-baby-oil-gel-715240-1

I have read two different pins, one said to use baby oil the other said to use baby oil gel. I tried the gel and have to say It’s very weird how it feels, kinda greasy and the water repels right off your legs. You do not need shaving cream but I find you do need to clean out the razor a couple times because it kinda gets gunked up with the oils.

Another benefit to using the baby oil or gel, it leaves your legs amazingly smooth and hydrated. I didn’t even add any moisturizer after!

images (3)One of the pins claims that your legs will stay smooth and stubble free for up to five days, we will see about that BUT I can tell you that my hair grows fast and sometimes I have 5 o’clock shadow on my legs by the end of the day.  :0( I will follow up with how long my legs actually feel amazing for.

Since I shaved this morning my legs are just as smooth as they were when I stepped out of the shower. I think I LOVE it.

For even better results keep exfoliating at least once a week with a sugar or salt scrub. I prefer sugar since salt can sting a little. Exfoliating will help slough off old skin and help prevent ingrown hairs.


Good Luck and I would love to hear feedback from others on this.  Stay smooth!


For a good laugh click here ↓ images (5)

Plugging myself in

I find it very hard to tell someone why they should choose me as their Makeup artist.  Talking about myself seems boring and too conceited. I don’t feel that I am not good enough but rather seems awkward to me. Through this journey I have realized how true the saying “you get what you pay for”.  I can now sit back and tell you exactly why you should hire me as your Makeup artist.


First I’ll start by saying that I have an actual certificate. This means I spent the money to attend school and get an education. Specifically in skin care, coloring, ingredients, sanitation, health practices and issues and many practicals under the supervision of a licensed professional.  Furthermore, I continue my education frequently in specific areas such as special FX, airbrushing, trends/techniques and my most recent bridal Makeup. The thing I love about continued education is even if I don’t learn anything new I gain a ton of confidence in knowing that I am doing it the same way as other professionals in New York, Boston, LA, and abroad.

Next, I have actually taken time to start a business. There is a big difference in a hobby and a profession. I am not down playing anyone who does this on the side vs. full time, talent is talent. Some of the hoops that I have had to jump through are with the health department, the zoning department and the insurance department. Some ask why I would bother to go through all this and pay a ton of money. Well simply put, I would rather my clients come to a clean safe place to get their Makeup, nails or waxing done and not just someone’s basement or sisters cousins friend’s house. I understand that’s how people get their start, I did too (thanks to my loyal friends who were my guinea pigs!) but it isn’t the way to run a professional business. This leads me to the meat and potatoes of my post. Many people ask for quotes and are astounded or think I am off my rocker with my prices! So I will attempt to explain why.  I use clean tools for each client and I invest in an astounding amount of cleaning supplies for my pallets, brushes, and creams. I also invest in quality Makeup which as you ladies know isn’t cheap!  I keep up on the education as I mentioned before, keep in mind those aren’t free and I have to travel and keep my pro memberships valid in order to attend.

Everything I just mentioned has a focus on Makeup but please don’t forget about waxing and nails! I don’t double dip in the wax (gross), I clean my hands (or wear gloves) and the client’s skin when waxing for my safety and the clients. Take notice when you’re getting waxed; is the “professional” dipping into the pot with a new stick every time? Too often they aren’t and that’s a nice warm bath for bacteria to grow! Why wouldn’t they, because each stick costs money. Cutting corners to make more profit. For nails, I sanitize my tools between each client. I buy quality buffers and files from OPI that can be sanitized properly. I stay within my guidelines and don’t try to make extra money off people by practicing anything outside of my realm of certification.

You really do get what you pay for. Sometimes quality is better than quantity! I am proud of my work and accomplishments and feel with my professional attitude and knowledge I make a pretty awesome Makeup artist!

Thanks for reading and please feel free to comment. My work is very important to me and the people that keep me in business. Thank you! Like my FB page too please!



“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”
             – Confucius