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On the Ninth Day of Christmas

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On the 9th Day of Christmas

My fashion-Santa brought me shampoo, but this shampoo is for my makeup brushes.

It’s just as important whether you are a professional makeup artist or a makeup lover to wash your brushes. It will make them last longer and also prevent against spreading germs and sickness to yourself. ShampooClean Apothecary has their soap in little plastic canisters that make it so easy to wash your brushes, it’s suds right up, swirl it around then rinse them thoroughly. It’s so easy!  Best part are the scents you can get them in. Right now I am using the lavender scent. This one is really nice to use on my models and clients if they are nervous about their shoot or just day to day stressors. Once I put my brush near their face and they take a whiff of that lavender scent they just relax and calm down. I also love the eucalyptus and spearmint which I find helpful for people with headaches or that are super stressed. And then there is Vanilla, which is like having dessert applied to your face when your brushes are cleaned. Clean makes two different formulas, Olive Oil shampoo and Goats Milk Shampoo. I personally have only tried the Olive Oil but will order the Goats milk next time.

Wash Rinse and Repeat- You know,

your normal Shampoo regiment!

Major differences that I have found with Clean’s shampoos vs other brands are the brushes truly feel clean.  I find all the product is removed and I don’t feel like there is still residue left on the bristles.


Clean Apothecary Web Site, check out their other products, everything from home to kids and essential oils.


Ho Ho Ho,  and happy washing


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