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On the Sixth day of Christmas

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On the 6th day of Christmas

My fashion-Santa called it a wash, Face wash that is. Origins face products not only work well but they smell so amazing. I’m very picky about the products that I put near my face and the aromatherapy is has, I mean it’s so close to my nose if it don’t smell good I don’t want it near there….. I specifically love the white tea products they have, the ingredients are natural and so good for you.

Face care

Photo from Origins website- A Perfect World


This is probably as crunchy as I get when it comes to being at one with nature, but you can’t beat their skin care line. 

Face Care

Photo From Origins website- Make a Difference Plus




A Perfect World is a facial moisturize containing an SPF and the white tea.








Make A Difference Plus is a treatment lotion that you apply before your moisturizer or in my case, A Perfect World. These are two of my favorite items.






Take care of your face with Origins


Face Care Set

Photo from Origins web site, a Holiday set of A Perfect World



Origins always puts some great gift sets together for the holidays that have amazing savings and no brainer on what you need for a full skin care regiment. I find that most people feel overwhelmed and confused on what to buy and how to use face products but this is seriously like paint by number for your face, tells you the steps to use them and when to use them. Doesn’t get much easier than that.





 Order your products here at the Origins Web site,  or you can also find Origins in some major department stores like Macy’s and Sephora

Ho Ho Ho– and Happy Face Washing

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