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On the Fifteenth Day of Christmas

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On the 15th day of Christmas

My fashion Santa drove me nuts, Coco-Nuts

coconut oil

Coconut Oil has so many benefits both inside and outside of the body


I have to say that an all around magic oil would be coconut oil. It has so many benefits. It’s not just for cooking or eating you can use it in your day-to-day beauty routines too.

Here is a list of things you can try for yourself and see if you like it too. (I’m sure there are many more uses but these are what I have personally tried.)

  1. Hair Mask- put some in your hands to melt and then apply to dry hair and let penetrate for at least 15 min (the longer you can leave on the better), then wash as usual. Your hair will feel so soft.
  2.  Eye makeup remover
  3. Moisturizer, yes just apply this as you would your regular lotion or cream, smells amazing and moisturizes perfectly.
  4. Mix with sugar or salt and make an exfoliator, you can even add some essential oils for an aromatherapy treatment.
  5. Chap-stick for dry lips
  6. Pulling for teeth whiting, take about a tablespoon and use like a mouthwash moving it between all your teeth and around your mouth for 15-20 min. DO NOT swallow, I don’t spit in my sink or drain as the coconut oil will go back to a solid state and could clog drains.
  7. Cook with it, coconut oil has a high smoke point.  I have also made homemade granola bars that my children LOVE.
  8. Give to the dog/cat for winter dryness. It makes their coats look so soft and silky and no more scratching.

Coconut Oil is not just good for cooking but also for your everyday beauty routine

coconut oil

This is what I use from Trader Joe’s, Organic Coconut oil


I always use an organic coconut oil and you can find them in almost all grocery stores as well as retail locations like WalMart, Target, Christmas Tree shops and if you are lucky enough to be around a store like Ocean State or Job Lots they usually have it too.






Ho Ho Ho and Happy Healthy Christmas to All!

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