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On the Fourteenth Day of Christmas

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On the 14th day of Christmas

My fashion-Santa got a B+ on face moisturizer, BB cream! BB cream is a primer, corrector and moisturizer and stands for beauty balm. I often just use the BB cream alone and do not apply foundation with it on the days that I don’t want to bother wearing a lot of makeup. I love the added benefit of having a moisturizer with a color corrector in it.

BB moisturizer

Photo taken from L’OREAL website

My favorite is the L’OREAL BB cream although it does not have an SPF. I highly recommend getting one with a built-in SPF or at least make sure that you add a foundation or moisturizer with an SPF. If you want to read more of my L’OREAL BB cream review check out this blog post from 2013.



BB and CC cream is like a moisturizer on steroids with all its added benefits

CC moiturizer

Photo taken from Origins website

From the last time I posted about the BB cream I came across Origins CC cream which does have an SPF. I am a huge fan of most Origins products so wasn’t surprised when I feel in love with this item too. The cream smells so good and does all the same things the BB cream does. Most CC creams are just targeted towards correcting the color (hence CC) but Origins is also great for skin hydration on any skin type.




You can find BB or CC cream in any price range as L’OREAL is near the $10 range while Origins is in the $36 range.

L’OREAL Magic BB cream can be purchased at stores like Wal Mart, Target and drug stores. Origins CC cream be found on their website

Ho Ho Ho and don’t forgot your basic beauty A, B, C’s!

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