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On the Twelfth Day of Christmas

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On the 12th day of Christmas

My fashion-Santa brought me a brush, a body brush

I’ll first start by saying that I have had three children so stretch marks are definitely a repercussion of that! Now, I will also say I am proud of my body and each scar does tell a story and I am truly blessed to have my children but if you think for one minute I wouldn’t do something to help my body heal or look better you’d be nuts. I am not going to age gracefully I WILL fight it every step of the way.

Now you are probably thinking what the heck does a body brush have to do with stretch marks, well…… I found that dry brushing your skin has so many benefits. First, it’s an awesome exfoliate. I have also noticed less in-grown hairs and less dry skin. Second, dry brushing promotes circulation and circulation promotes new cell renewal and speeds up the process of healing and repairing scars. Third, my sloughing off the dead skin cells results in opening up your pores and allowing the moisturizer to penetrate better into the skin (thus less dry skin). Fourth, guess what the best part is? This has been knows to help with cellulite by helping to breakdown unwanted toxins.


Dry Body Brush

Dry Brushing your skin should be added to everyone’s morning routine

I could actually go on and on about all the proven benefits. Some I learned in esthetics school but these are the ones I have personally noticed and wanted to share. It does make sense, what is the biggest organ of the human body? Skin, if we don’t take care of our skin we are opening the gates of a lot of unwanted effects like aging and bad circulation.

So now one might ask, how should I brush my body???? I stand in the shower to do it but don’t turn on the water yet. I suggest you start at your ankle area and work up using small circles. I find it works best and then you can do shorter strokes. You do want to make sure you are brushing toward your heart for as this is the same path lymphatic fluid flows.  You will want to be careful of sensitive areas like stomach and breasts and never brush over open soars, sun burn skin or skin cancer. After you have finished continue with your regular shower routine and don’t forget to moisturize!


Ho Ho Ho, brush your teeth, hair and skin for a full beauty regiment!

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