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On the Eleventh Day of Christmas

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On the 11th day of Christmas

My fashion-Santa Nailed it with Nail Oil

This stuff is great, both OPI and Creative Nail make a version of this oil. If you suffer from excessive cuticles, hang nails, dry skin or brittle nails then you need this nail oil. I keep a bottle beside my bed, in my diaper bag and in my travel makeup bag. It just brushes on and soaks in. It’s not too oily and smells amazing.

Nail oil

OPI Avoplex

Nail oil

Taken from CDC web site


Another great use of this oil is when you paint your nails, apply a little bit on the nail after your top coat and if there are any smudges you can just smooth them out and the oil works as a good barrier. Once the polish is dry you can massage the oil into your cuticles and hands. The nail oil will leave a beautiful sheen and you can apply the nail oil numerous times throughout the day. I had neglected to take care of my cuticles and I noticed I had a bunch of hang nails, and they are the really bad ones, like have to put band-aids on bad. So I use the oil, pushed back the cuticles that were neglected and kept applying 3 times a day for 2 days and everything was healed and hydrated.

nail oil

Applying the oil to the cuticles

Nail oil is the perfect size for your stocking

OPI and CND  items can be purchased at many professional salons. OPI brand is also sold at Ulta. If you are local to Make Up by CG, I am also an authorized retailer for both of these brands so I can take orders for pick up!

Ho Ho Ho– Happy Painting

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