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On the Tenth Day of Christmas

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On the 10th day of Christmas

My fashion-Santa said I was riding a thin line, thin black line of eyeliner!


Image from Make Up Forever Website

Make Up Forever, has the BEST liquid eyeliner and I usually hate liquid liner. It’s messy, wet, smudges and runs. But this one is so different. It’s not waterproof but I find if you set it with black shadow it fixes any wobble line mistakes and helps set the liner to stay all day. This is such a perfect black, not light and definitely not glossy looking, just perfection!


You will stay within the lines when you

use this eyeliner


I find the hardest part of liquid liner is just getting the line perfect. The trick I found to this is to start to apply in the middle of the eye working outward. Then go back near the center with a really thin line. By the time you start in the inside of the eye you have the perfect amount of liner left on the wand where it won’t smudge in the corner. Now you can take black shadow and just go back over the line to set it with a small, thin angle brush.





My final look


The final Look






Here is a link to Make Up For Ever (You might want to check out their HD foundations while you are there, another favorite of mine)


Ho Ho Ho, just wing it

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